Transmec Servizi spa agrees fully with the principles underlying the law relating to privacy, being convinced that everyone has the right to complete confidentiality in his or her own private sphere. We also maintain that our Clients’ data should be kept absolutely secret and we have always followed precise and stringent rules about its handling.
This page covers how our web site treats personal information of those accessing it. Personal information is information that is personally identifiable like one’s name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available. Such information is treated by Transmec Servizi spa in accordance with national laws on privacy. Our privacy policy also appears in short form in all relevant areas of our web site, in order to protect all personal information captured through our home page:,
which is the official web site of the company.
This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Transmec Servizi spa does not own or control. In particular, it does not apply to other web sites which are linked to our site.
The privacy policy of this web site is inspired to the official document (recommendation n. 2/2001) issued by European authorities for the protection of personal data. These authorities have grouped into a legal entity (art.29 policy n. 95/46/CE) with the purpose of tracing the minimum requisites regulating the capturing of personal data on-line, and, in particular, the methods, times and nature of the information which the owners of the data-handling must give to those accessing their web-pages. 



Data processing connected to the services of this web site takes place in the aforesaid premises nominated responsible for da 



With the exception of data gathered to allow consultation, the user is free to refuse to supply personal data required for the execution of his/her specific requests. This refusal may result in the impossibility to fulfil the user’s request. This web site, however, offers information documents in all relevant sections.
We remind you that is some rare cases, judicial powers may request certain personal information. in this case we are obviously obliged to communicate personal information requested. 



Data processing and software procedures of this web site require us to receive and record information during its consultation. Its transmission is implicit in the protocols of internet communication. This information is not gathered to be combined with information obtained from business partners or other companies, however by its nature may lead to the user’s identification, if combined with data detained by a third party. 

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